Present redistribution model of 50% of all trading fees (TWINS) collected to:
Liquidity providers 75% of redistributed fees;
Activity providers/ market makers 25% of redistributed fees (TWINS);
Reward with TWINS daily liquidity presented on order books 10 levels deep:
Liquidity on buy orders 75% of redistributed TWINS to liquidity rewards;
Liquidity on sell orders 25% of redistributed TWINS to liquidity rewards;
The closer liquidity to market price, the more relevant it is to the market, so it’s rewarded higher:
1 level - 25%
2-3 level - 15%
4-5 level – 10%
6-10 level – 5%
Reward daily activity providers/ market makers by (full / partial) TWINS back on fees paid;
This system will help New Capital Exchange (NCE) to grow daily liquidity and activity on any existing and new listed coin markets and will attract more active members, will reward more people for value added on NCE.