It is an open-source project launched in 2014 by influential blockchain developer Peter Bushnell, who is contributing to Bitcoin since 2011, founded in 2013 the project Feathercoin and helped ArtByte, Guncoin, Hullcoin, and other projects in development.

On the base of this project is building the SwapDEX - decentralized exchange powered by atomic swaps and Lightning Network (for submarine swaps), where UFO coin will be used to minimize exchange fees. Among other features: mobile and desktop apps, distributed order book; implementation of advanced mining techniques to resist 51% attacks (Time Warp Manipulability, Automatic Checkpointing, eHRC, NeoScrypt); own OMNI layer with the platform, on which users will have the ability to convert their coins to UFO-based tokens and trade with low fees.

By this project we want to provide for the crypto community the platform on which digital assets can be exchanged directly between various blockchains without the bound to a specific trading pair. Users will have full control over their funds - private keys will be kept on their side. All trades will be performed securely via atomic swaps: there is no need to trust other trading party or exchange - if you sent your BTC to another party but haven't received the trading amount in ETH, you can cancel your trade and both parties will receive their funds back.

Other utilities of UFO are under a research.

As of now we are focused on the redesign of our DEX, partnerships and the user base growth. In December the alpha of our platform to issue UFO-based tokens will go live. Pre-alpha of our new DEX will go live before the New Year (alpha in Q1 2020).

We already listed here:

EDGE wallet

for Android (

for iOS (




RaspBerry Pi Full Node

Ufobit - a native python library for interacting directly with the UFO blockchain

SwapDEX exchange (mainnet) (testnet)