Founded in 2017, SmartCash is based on a modified version of the Bitcoin blockchain which has been changed for things like ease of use and fast transaction time. The goal is to be more like Bitcoin was in the early days with a special emphasis on community and merchant adoption. SmartCash is not only meant to be held, it’s meant to be used.
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SmartCash is a decentralized self funded DAO. There was no ICO and thus no whitepaper, but there are brochures that explain the technical side of things for those interested here:
SmartCash helps to bolster community involvement with things like the SmartHive Voting Portal where you can use the power of your held Smart to vote on proposals raised to help advance adoption worldwide. With reward programs like the SmartNodes and SmartRewards, people are encouraged to also save their Smart as well as spending it if they’d like. You can find out more about the voting portal here:
With a focus on brick and mortar merchant adoption with the help of things like the SmartCard or SmartBand, SmartCash provides a model for worldwide adoption for regular people. You can find out more about those services below:
For the roadmap of what’s to come in the future:
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