Introduce BYTN, a Cryptocurrency built to decentralize the world with 3 main factors.
Ease of Use
BYTN is very easy to use. You just download the wallet and you're good to go. Everything is
designed easy and responsive.
BYTN is compatible with every internet connected device. Your Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, PC
and even your TV. You can send and receive coins from almost every device.
Low fees
BYTN has extremly low fees. We want people to use it for everyday expenses so people don't have
the hassle like with e.g Bitcoin where the fees are a few dollars.
Also has BYTN some privacy features like privatesend,so you can be sure, no one knows who or
how much sent BYTN.
We now launched a new Platform called BYT Finance, It is a Banking alternative for Crypto.
Source branch 3.3
Algorithm Quark
Block type Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake
Coin name BYTN
Coin abbreviation BYT
Address letter B
Address letter testnet C
RPC port 21647
P2P port 21648
Block reward 50 coins
Block reward (PoS) 5 coins
Last PoW block block 1000
Superblock reward 10%
Masternode reward 50%
Masternode amount 1000 coins
Masternode confirmations 15 blocks
Coinbase maturity 10 ( + 1 default confirmation) blocks
Target spacing 2 minutes
Target timespan 10 minutes
Transaction confirmations 6 blocks
Official Links:
Mining Pool: (Provided by our service partner RPlant)
Altmarkets | Status: Listed
BYT Finance (This is an internal service provided by us for better user experience)
Mining Pools
Masternode Hosting
Pecunia: | Old chain
Other Services
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